Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LAFB #1: Obligatory First Post

Five an a half years ago (actually, maybe more like five and two thirds), I joined FaceBook - January 2005.  I was a student at LSU and had to use my @lsu.edu address in order to join.  This allowed me to view any profiles on the LSU network, as well as adding friends from other networks.  Not every school had one, but occasionally a new school would pop up and my friends there would slowly migrate to FaceBook.  Until probably August or September of that year, the domain was http://www.thefacebook.com/.  Thus began the slow but sure process of befriending, or "friending," all of my college friends from across the country.  Great way to keep up with people.  Occasionally, you'd remember someone you haven't added, search for them, and probably find them.  You might even search for someone a few times unsuccessfully, and then have them add you later on.  FaceBook was an amazing invention.

Last week, I deactivated my FaceBook account for the third and final time.  I had tried it once back in 2007 for a couple of weeks, and earlier in the summer for the span of six weeks, but now it was for good.  I'm leaving it behind for a multitude of reasons, but the bottom line is that I don't need it anymore (as if I ever did).  This time is different because it's a free will offering.  I could keep it, but I don't want to.  I could adjust my life so I could keep a distant relationship with it, but I choose not to.  This is me saying, "Lord, here's my social life; I give it away so You can have it, to do with it as You please."

So what's the purpose of this blog?  Well, first of all, I promise NEVER to write about whether or not anybody reads this blog.  You have my word, and are free to call me out on it if I should ever slip up.  One thing FaceBook provided was a creative outlet that was extremely convenient for all of my friends, or my "social network," literally.  No longer did my friends have to check my LiveJournal or Xanga page to see if I'd written anything new, they can just click on notes they find in their feed, or possibly even have me share it with them via tag. 

Now, I'm going to have to trust God and trust them to find me. 

I'm going to have to put enough energy into my writing so others will be inclined to seek it out. 

I'm going to have to give up seeking validation in others' opinions of me.

And I'm going to use this opportunity to explore what it was about FaceBook that got us addicted, what has made FaceBook more successful than any other social network, and what it is that makes FaceBook tick.  I'm in a critical theory class right now, so you may get treated to some Marxist theories interpellated into my writing (looky there, I'm using it already). 

Either way, thanks for coming along for the ride!

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