Saturday, November 13, 2010

Song day: "Gone Anywhere"

After listening to "Death in His Grave" by John Mark McMillan, I came up with this song.  It rocks 6/8 in the same key of D, sort of a ballad verse, with a little bit of difference in melody.

"Gone Anywhere"
12 November 2010

Where is my hope when all else is lost?
Right where I left it the last time I had it
Flowing from Your well that's never run dry
Since the dawn of time and You're still at it

But You give me freedom to run away from You
And find myself out in the cold
So when I hit empty, I can come back inside
To find a love that never grows old

So even if I'm lonely, as if You'd abandon me,
You haven't gone anywhere
Though I've run out and come back in again
Your love is still waiting there.

Though I have wandered, Lord, draw me back home
To the first love I ever knew
Refill me once again to welcome Your presence in
Back where I first found Your Truth

When I finally admit I don't have all the answers
Will I admit I'm not through learning yet?
Maybe the reason I'm so short on answers is
I haven't even asked all the right questions yet


Oh what a day when You call me back home
And I'll see Your beautiful face
I'll shed my trophies, my works, my own righteousness
And wear only mercy and grace


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