Tuesday, January 18, 2011

40DLD-2: Head in the Game

One reason I didn't get a tattoo until I was almost 25 is that I couldn't imagine something I'd want marked on me that I wouldn't get tired of or forget about.  One reason I don't decorate any place I live is that shortly after I decorate, I'll forget it was ever there and, if it's something dated that could be replaced at a certain time, I'd most certainly let it expire.  Example: I have Jonathan & Ali Buras' missionary newsletter from September 2009 posted on my wall.  They've sent other newsletters since then, but I haven't posted any of them.  As a matter of fact, I've posted the same one on my wall in all three of the places I've lived since they sent it to me.  This also happens when I post a Bible verse, a map, or anything else I could possibly hang on a wall.

So when I finally decided I was getting a tattoo, I decided it would be a cross, plain and simple, something that would neither glorify the artist nor the amount of money I spent on it, and would have as many possible explanations as I could imagine.  That way, it's not like getting an eagle to represent my dad or something, where it only has one story and explanation.  I also figured I'd forget about it (I still do from time to time -- it's been three years now). 

One thing I've noticed lately is that my intercessory prayer has been severely lacking for several years.  Since I spend so much time in my car, I decided that the way to rectify this was to come up with a daily prayer schedule and post it on my sun visor in my car.  I came up with the following schedule:

Monday: self (future, plans, wife)
Tuesday: work (Domino's & Air National Guard)
Wednesday: church (City of Refuge, Chi Alpha, other Christians in my social circle)
Thursday: community (SLU, Hammond, New Orleans, local area)
Friday: Nation (President, Governor, Congress, nation as a whole)
Saturday: World (missions, war, poverty)
Sunday: General praise & thanksgiving

Naturally, I have only done this two days.  The first day was easy, because i'm praying for myself.  Big challenge there.  I never really had a problem praying for myself all these years.  Today, I did spend a little time praying for both of my jobs.  Tomorrow will see. 

This schedule, this visual aide, is designed to keep my head in the game.  Hopefully, by the time it gets old, I come up with something new.  I can't pray one prayer over every meal or one prayer every morning like some people can...I start blowing through it religiously.  That's probably part of the reason I've never had a consistent quiet time, because I feel like committing to one time, one format, always reading my Bible, always playing my guitar, always playing a certain number of songs, whatever the case may be, all of that will eventually get old.  And that's one thing I don't want to do.

"Behold, I make all things new."  -- Revelation 21:5

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