Friday, January 21, 2011

40DLD-4: The upsides and downsides of working out

Early this month, Prophet Charles told me to start working out again, coupled with taking weight gainers from GNC.  I bought about $92 worth of product from GNC and have been utilizing it since then.  First positive note: I've gone from about 124 to 129 (I'm 5'6" and have never weighed over 140).  Like I said, I also got back in the gym.  Today was the second leg day since I resumed, the first being two weeks ago, and I did less then than I did today.  The first day, I looked at the clock and realized I had to get back home to shower for work in a relatively short amount of time, so I kept it short; I also didn't want to have my legs sore all day at work, so I decided next leg day I'd either do it at night or on an off day.  Since I missed my chances for off days and evenings since then, I decided to push through it today.  Yes, my legs were tired during work, especially since I had to go around a neighborhood hanging ads for Domino's; I kept my car close by all the way around the loop. 

Working out for the first time is one of those things guys in any station in life can connect with, even if you only ever did it once, because it's the once/first time that's the worst.  Ask any guy what the day after the first arm day is like and he'll probably demonstrate trying to do everything he needs his hands for without lifting his arms, e.g. swinging his body with keys in hand, trying to land the key inside the doorknob or car door like some kind of pitiful target practice.  We shower leaning a certain way in order to keep from having to lift our arms, especially leaning in the corner of the shower with your arms propped above your head to wash your hair.

For me today, I came home and decided to do everything I needed to do in the most inefficient way, so that I had to go up and down the stairs as many times as possible.  Why?  I guess I like pain, I don't know.  I went to lay down, and I kept having to get back up to set everything right so I could lay down and relax.  I know this isn't what restless leg syndrome is really all about, but that's what it felt like it should be called. 

But I know the results are worth it.  When i did my first big workout push, December 09, I worked out four times a week through April and saw some serious results; people were noticing after two months.  Then I slacked off, worked out a couple days in June, then gave up again until September, fell off the wagon in October, and as mentioned earlier started back up in January.  I probably lost ten pounds since April, and my visit to the dentist really underscored that; the hygienist who only sees me every six months, asked me if I had lost weight and I had to hang my head and say yes.  Most Americans don't understand that to be chronically underweight is as bad as being chronically overweight, in that it's as hard for me to put on ten pounds and keep it on as it is for some folks to take off ten pounds and keep it off.  The only difference is I can't have surgery to get weight added like you can get liposuction to take off excess of weight. 

I don't guess I have a conclusion to this, but that's what happens when you write at 2AM.  So...boomshakalaka, here's a video of an old man dancing to cap off your evening.

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