Friday, January 21, 2011

40DLD-5: Leg Day +1 and Crazy Dreams

It's Friday, and I didn't have to work until 5. In a week where I've worked every day but the two Sundays on either end, this is like an off day. I needed to do some writing for my thesis, which was good enough reason not to work out. Plus my legs are still stiff. Sitting down is fine, walking outside in the cold is a little tough, but stairs are aggravating. Not agonizing, just aggravating. As is the fact that I live in a townhouse and sleep upstairs, so I can't just not go downstairs. I even walked Sophie all the way around campus and was fine even going up the stairs after that, but lay down for a little while and the aggravation returned on my next trip up the stairs. I'm a guy who normally takes stairs two at a time, but not today.

Last night I had a crazy dream involving my good buddy Jeff Weltman. It had too many awesome details to send in a text, so I'm just going to post it as a blog and text him to tell him I blogged about it. First of all, you should know that Jeff got married last April to a great woman named Ecclesia, whom I was able to determine in three days and through several months' worth of FaceBook messages, that Jeff deserves a woman like her and I couldn't think of anybody better to marry him. Also, since many of us flew out to California for their wedding, they not only told us not to worry about tuxes, but also bought every one of us a pair of black-and-white Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars to wear at the wedding because Clesi just loves them. Okay, now on to the dream.

In my dream, Jeff and Clesi decided they wanted to have a second wedding ceremony in Louisiana for all of the people Jeff knew in his LSU days to attend. I guess it was kind of like a wedding do-over, or maybe more like a wedding reenactment. Same bridal party, but this time I wouldn't be buying a plane ticket. So yay for that. Ran into Nick Callaway, former pastor of LSU Chi Alpha, as I got out of the car. Nick related that in the hours before the wedding in April, Jeff had suddenly gotten insecure about who all would be coming, namely people from Louisiana, and had started blowing up their phones (specifically Nick's in this case). [That's odd, because I remember the hours immediately before the wedding involving all of us taking some really awesome wedding photos.] Apparently, I was also driving a newish Lincoln or something, all I remember was it was big and awesome, and then at the last second the girls in the car decide they don't want to come to the wedding.

"What?  Why not?  You're already here, you're dressed!"
"But I don't want to mess things up!"
"Mess things up?  Look, you're in the audience, you sit, stand, laugh, cry, or even just sit there and say nothing and you're fine!  Look, Jeff needs people to show up, because there were only like 50 people at the wedding in California."  [Where I got that number, I don't know; in reality, it was a very good turnout for the wedding]
"It's okay, we'll just sit here and listen to it on the radio." [What was this, a football game?  Apparently their wedding reenactment was going to be broadcast over the airwaves.]


So yeah.  Dreams are the dumbest thing ever.  Love you, Jeff & Clesi!

PS, if you ever meet them, we decided that "Cleffrey" would be their Brangelina name.   Tell 'em Coach Z sent you.

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