Sunday, January 16, 2011

Forty Day Lockdown (40DLD): Day Zero

I'm gonna try something new on this fancy shmancy semi-public forum: blogging every single day for the next forty days (Jan 17-Feb 15) while I do what I'm calling a Forty Day Lockdown, or 40DLD as it's called on the streets. I'm taking the next forty days and watching neither TV shows nor movies (I'll take a break for the Super Bowl, which I'm sure I'll be watching somewhere), but coming home from work or wherever and coming straight to my room. Primarily, I want to focus on God and drawing closer to Him, but there are other areas I want to deal with, including keeping my room in order, cleaning things, reading and writing (I have a thesis to finish) and filing the massive pile of paperwork that has overflown from my desk since I moved here August 1st. So if you would, please keep me accountable; I'll come on here to give a brief overview of what I've accomplished, perhaps samples of what I've written, plus what God's speaking to me. Thanks in advance for your support! (What is this, a request letter?).

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