Sunday, February 6, 2011

40DLD-20: Falling Off the Wagon

Tomorrow, for the first time in three weeks, I'm going to sit down and watch something on TV intentionally.  Can you guess what it will be?  Hint: it starts with S and ends with Uperbowl. That means it's been 20 days since I said I would not watch TV shows or movies for 40 days.  I watched a little bit of the playoff games, but only because I was in the room.  I have occasionally sat on the couch and watched one roommate or both playing Call of Duty, but the great thing about that is I can pick up and leave at any time, no obligation to stay.

But just the other night, I had a dream I went to someone's house and had a movie night, and because I was already there, I didn't want to be rude and quit.  Yep, I was feeling the guilt load on me for having fallen off of the "I'm not watching TV or movies for 40 days" wagon.  Granted, I was probably the only one on it to begin with, so I have no doubt the wagon stopped to wait for me.  It seems poignant that I should blog about this at the halfway point (has it really been 20 days?), as psychologists have discovered that your subconscious -- wait for it -- doesn't like change.  If it's used to getting something and it doesn't for awhile, it makes up for lost time in the dream realm.  People addicted to cigarettes or alcohol will tell you the same thing about quitting, and the emotions going on in the dream are horrible.  Why?  Because your body is convinced it needs these things and is now starving.  This is why so many married men, having led promiscuous lives before marriage, find themselves dreaming about having sex with other women than their wife. 

The sad thing for me is that I haven't replaced TV with more Jesus time/Sophie time/writing time/taking care of business time, as I had hoped, but also that I had to start working six days a week at the same time I started the Forty Day Lockdown.  But I think, now, that the most important part of it has been keeping up with it at the very least, and now that I'll get more downtime starting this coming week, I'll be able to make the next 20 days even better.  My blogging will probably shift to morning or early afternoon, since I'll be working 5pm 'til close this whole week.

And just remember, there's still plenty of room for you to hop back up here on the wagon.  Especially my No TV wagon.

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