Saturday, February 12, 2011

40DLD-27: Stepping Up

Tonight's gonna be short and to the point.  Yes, by the way, i do realize that I'm a midnight blogger in some time zones.  It happens.  Okay, so like i was saying, the point.  Leadership requires action on the part of the leader.  Sometimes, becoming that leader, when hired from within, means stepping up and taking on a role you have not officially been given.  Be careful not to overstep your bounds or go over someone's head who is in an actual position of leadership, but you may be required to work harder without extra compensation in the short run in exchange for proving yourself worthy of a better position and a raise in the long run.  If you're going to be paid more, you have to be worth more to your employer, simple as that. 

That being the case, stepping up to the plate, even when not requested, is a true sign of leadership.  Do you have the initiative to take care of something without bothering the person who would make the decision, or even needing specific instructions when given direction?  That's the kind of thing employers look for.  Just remember, "With great power comes great responsibility,"  Gospel of Uncle Ben 3:28.  Thank you, Spiderman.  But seriously, what most people don't understand about stepping into a higher position of leadership is that you are now responsible for more people and for more of their mistakes.  This greater responsibility means you can share in the credit, but also be ready to share the blame for what you allow. 

In other news, praise God, I am officially the Driver Team Leader at Domino's as of today!

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