Wednesday, February 16, 2011

40DLD-31: Ten Days and Counting

As of the end of today, I will be less than ten days away from finishing this Forty-Day Lockdown (40DLD).  I'll be free to watch TV and movies again, although I can't say I'm jumping right into that.  Main reason?  Oh yeah, I have a thesis due.  The good news is I have written the last story as of today, and will be typing it by the end of the week.  It effectively took me driving to New Orleans today, sitting at a coffee shop where my friend Nikki, it turns out, used to work, and then moseying my way on over to church. 

I'm excited because my church, the City of Refuge, is actually about to start evangelizing.  I've been ordained an evangelist since May 2009, but I haven't really activated my calling.  As God has cleaned up stuff in my life, I'm capable of getting out there without being held down by excess burdens, so I've been ready.  The only problem is, I've never seen or been shown effective evangelism.  I know about it in theory, I've read about it in books, but I've never been trained.  That's what I really need, apprenticeship.  I can talk to almost anybody (provided they'll talk to me), but I've never been one for steering the conversation in the way I want it to go - specifically, to the Gospel.

Have you ever done street evangelism?  How did it go?  Any tips?  

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