Monday, February 21, 2011

40DLD-36: Guest Post?

Something funny happens on Fridays: people like to exchange guest posts.  It's like saying, "Hey, write for me so I can have a day off, except I won't really have a day off, I'll have to write a guest post for your blog, but that means you'll have a day off, too, except for the writing a guest post for my blog part."  Or maybe it's more like saying, "Here's this person who vouches for me and I vouch for them and we think each of our commenters would like each of their commenters and would have fun conversations, so let's go over to each others' houses to play this weekend."  Then again, maybe it's like saying, "Hey Zechariah, why are you worried blog surfing when you only worked 6.5 hours today and your clean laundry is still sitting in the basket?"  Leave me alone.  This isn't about me, it's about me!

So, if I had to pick any guest poster, it'd have to be David Loti.  I'm pretty sure he's never had a guest poster on his pseudo-blog, so that would be a neat opportunity.  Although I'd have to resist the urge to write nothing more than the word "First!"

Wanna guest post, anybody?  Leave a note for me in the comments.

Pax Christi.


  1. David Loti. That dude's a punk. He owes me five, no wait twenty-five, no wait, five wait...million dollars. Yeah. He owes me five million dollars. If you see him tell him I want my money.


  2. I'd like to see him, but he made a run for the border...and I don't mean he went to Taco Bell, I mean he's seeking political asylum in Canadia...although the Border Patrol says they might've spotted him crossing the border using a fake ID under the guise that he was "going to see Weird Al in concert."