Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bonus Blog: My lame attempt to win something

So I'm supposed to blog about this video in order to win something from it:

Tyler Tarver is a hick.  Or possibly just a hillbilly; depends on whether or not his part of Arkansas has hills vs. mountains.  I can say that because I'm a North Louisiana redneck, myself.  If you're ever really trying to scare somebody, get your hick on, but do it with a deep voice, because nothing's less threatening than a Yankee with a squeaky voice.  Interesting things from this video I'd like to win:

  • a dragon that does not like Hayden Christiansen
  • a baseball bat used to destroy a snowman
  • his fedora
  • the glass dish he cooked his "turkey" in.
  • a fresh, cold glass of sweet tea.

Tyler, Thanks for teaching me how to make a hair bow.  I'm not creepy enough as it is.

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