Sunday, March 20, 2011


I can't take credit for these testimonies; they come from Don & Terri Triplett, who are missionaries in El Salvador with Castillo del Rey (King's Castle).  These are just such awesome stories I had to share them.  For more updates on what Castillo del Rey is doing, go visit my sister in Christ, Kristal.

These are exciting days to be alive and involved in the work of the Lord.  Herbert one of our Last Harvest young men was going to a church outside San Salvador to preach at a missions service.  He stopped at a little store to buy a pop prior to walking across the block to the church where he would be speaking that afternoon. As he approached the store a gangster came up to him and asked him for some money but Herbert didn’t have any money so instead he invited him to come to church with him. The gangster said, no he couldn’t go, but after a little while he agreed to go with him to the service.  As they crossed the street together a car full of rival gangsters stopped their car and brandished their weapons out the window. At first they could not get their guns to fire, but after fiddling with the clips the guns went off shooting straight at Herbert and the young gangster who was laying on the street to evade the onslaught of bullets coming their way.  Herbert watched as dozens of bullets were fired towards him but when the shooting was over he was still standing there. On the ground he heard crying so he looked down at the gangster and asked him if he was hit. The gangster told him he was not hit, but he wanted to know how to accept Jesus because he said that a huge brilliant light had shielded them from the bullets. The light had actually scared him more than the bullets. He went to church with Herbert that afternoon and accepted Jesus as his Savior and is being discipled by the local A/G.
Last week Last Harvest was going to do an outreach and the Holy Spirit had been moving on the van powerfully as they pulled up in front of a little roadside bar where a drunk was standing. As they got out of the van the man ran and knelt down and said he wanted to accept Jesus even before they set up the sound system or started to preach the Gospel. They thought it strange but they prayed with the man as he wept his way sober and into a proper relationship with Jesus. After he had prayed through he testified to the team that when they had pulled up he had said to himself “these people are coming here to preach and nobody invited them here to this spot.” He had decided that  he would stir up a scene to get them to leave but as they pulled up and got out of the van a host of huge angels that were like bright lights stood behind them and he was overwhelmed by the powerful anointing on that place. Come to find out he was a backslidden Pentecostal Preacher and God had gone a second mile to reveal his love for him so he would repent from his life of sin and get right with Jesus.
One of our evangelism teams went out to do outreach expecting many miracles signs and wonders as they preached the Gospel. The team had 4 deaf mutes who were members of the team and as they began to minister the Holy Spirit moved so mightily that one of the deaf mutes was Baptized in the Holy Spirit and healed right there on the street.

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