Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vox Clamantis in Deserto

I wrote this poem back in December.  I only realized when I got to the conference that I never posted it.

You who dwell in darkened depths, and
  You who suffer, serving sin,
You who gorge on guilt and gluttony,
  Won't you let your Savior in?
Isn't He more beautiful than
  ev'rything this life can give?
Have you heard Him call?  or do you
  even know who Jesus is?

Hear me speak of all His kindness,
  turning sinners into sons;
Breaking bondage, healing blindness,
  giving hope to fallen ones.
Christ is He who gives calls you higher,
  come, repent, and call Him Lord;
He alone fulfills desire
  for the grace you can't afford.

Let no doubt edge out your faith,
  heed not pride, greed, nor distraction
Seek His mercy and His grace
  from His ultimate transaction.
Give Him all the pain you hide,
  tell each secret in His presence;
Let His spirit dwell inside, and
  He will fill you with His essence.

Serve Him now, i' th' hour He calls you,
  don't delay, don't make Him wait;
Do not wait until tomorrow, 
  you who do not know your fate.
Trust Him yet to be your Savior,
  He's the One you're looking for.
He alone is your heart's treasure,
  He alone is sovereign Lord.

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