Sunday, April 3, 2011

Change part 2

It's easy for me to say what change the Lord has brought into my life to date:
  • He saved me and filled me with His Holy Spirit
  • He changed my name (currently my most-read post with thirteen hits)
  • He healed me of asthma
  • He taught me about leadership
  • He brought me from an introverted kid who couldn't speak in public into an extroverted adult who can't speak in front of a big enough crowd.
And the list goes on.  But these stories are limited by two things:

1. They happened in the past.
2. It's no longer the past.

Jesus is my answer, my only answer, because He changed my life -- AND He's still at work.

Last night, I got off at Domino's, gassed up my truck, and got in ready to leave.  While pumping gas, I noticed a car full of younger guys, smelled pot smoke, and mostly concerned myself with not getting jumped (I did, after all, have $58 in cash tips in my pocket).  I can tend to be defensive, even when I have no cause for it. 

I got in the truck, shut the door, and heard myself witnessing to these guys.  Now, I have a tendency to push these types of things aside and then just lament about how much I suck for not trusting God in the situation and witnessing when I have the chance.

God was having none of that.

I pulled out of the gas station and fell under such strong conviction I had to go back.  I tried to say, "Lord, I don't have anybody for backup.  We go out in twos, right?  I don't have a second person (e.g. Matt, Josh, anyone else from City of Refuge) to support me."   The Lord said, "You've got the Holy Spirit for backup."  I started thinking about all I might want to say, then He reminded me, "But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you." -- Matthew 10:19-20.

That was it.  If I was ever going to serve the Lord and obey His call to evangelize, I had to start now.  If they rejected me, they were really rejecting Him.  If they mocked me, they were really mocking Him.  If all I did was plant a seed, someone else would water, and the Lord would bring the increase.  If they turned their lives around and gave their hearts to the Lord, all of Heaven would jump up and shout for joy.

I pulled in, approached them and started up the conversation with the basics: "Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life," and "What would happen to you if you died tonight?"  As tends to happen in this region, they grew up in church, so they've heard the Gospel before.  While talking to three of them, a fourth got out of the car and asked me, "Why did you come back to talk to us?" I simply replied, "I just had to.  The Lord told me I needed to."  He then proceeded to tell me how the Lord had saved them, how they had been in a head-on collision with a drunk driver, but they're all back to walking around by now.

I encouraged them to pray and read their Bibles, because God does indeed have a plan for their life -- a plan that requires change.  The Lord wrought change in my life, and He wants to change theirs as well. 

That's my story of the change I'm currently undergoing.  What's yours? 


  1. I've been shown some areas of pride that needed to be revealed and dealt with. It has been a bit painful--but very needed.

  2. This is inspiring, and convicting. I often struggle with wondering why I lack boldness in situations like that. High five for going back!

  3. @seekingpastor: pride always hurts on the way out. you've gotta go lower and lower, and you can never go too low.

    @HeadintheClouds: This isn't boldness so much as it is surrendering and letting Him be my boldness ;)