Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LAFB #12: Remembering birthdays

One year, I got about 75 birthday wishes via FaceBook, and that's only counting wall posts.  Some friends sent private messages, some texts, some saw me on campus and personally wished me a happy birthday.  The entire year before that day, I wished pretty much birthdayed every friend.  And I don't just "Happy Birthday!" on it, I would say "Happy ______ Day!" placing their name in the blank, e.g. Happy Chris Day.  That means out of over 1000 FaceBook friends, less than ten percent returned the favor when it was my day in the sun.  A year later, after having not repeated that yearlong marathon, I got about 50 wall posts on my birthday.

Last year, I used FaceBook to invite as many of my friends as I thought might possibly come, to go to the New Orleans Zephyrs game with us on my birthday weekend.  We had a good showing, over 20 people came out and got a dollar off of their tickets with me.  We watched the Zephyrs lose, but had a good time hanging out nonetheless.

So, this being my first birthday since deleting my account, I wondered how many people would remember said birthday.  I decided to show my appreciation to all of the people who remembered my birthday without FaceBook by blogging about them.  Now, I understand that I can't get away with doing this without seeming a little conceited.  So, I'm going to ham it up and be VERY conceited.  Here goes (in order of receipt of their birthday wish):

  1. The New Orleans Zephyrs - I got a voice mail from them asking me to have another birthday group at their game.  They must have really liked having 20-something people buy a ticket to a losing game.
  2. Starbucks - two years ago, I bought a gift card so I could use their wireless internet.  They wouldn't give me network access without going through buying a gift card (which i could subsequently buy myself a drink with) and then going through the process of signing up online in order to use said internet.  I took it upon myself to call their helpdesk and tell them how great my service at the store was and how completely idiotic their policy of charging for the internet with such a convoluted process was.  They have since repealed that policy.  Also, they have sent me a gift certificate for a free drink each of the last two years.  That means I've gotten more than my money back on that transaction.  Nice to know.
  3. My parents - they were kind of there on April 23rd, 1983.  I got a card in the mail from them, and I'll get a combined birthday/graduation gift when I see them in May.
  4. Niki Schneider - asked her mom, "Isn't Zech's birthday coming up soon?" Mrs. Carol checked FaceBook for the information through my stealth profile, and discovered she asked the day before.  Well played, Niki.
  5. Michael Moore - He and I share a birthday with William Shakespeare, William Penn, James Buchanan, Stephen Douglas, Max Planck, Shirley Temple, Roy Orbison, George Lopez, John Cena, oh, and Timothy McVeigh.  Now, Michael Moore is rich and anti-capitalist.  You'd think he'd want to share some of his wealth with me.  Did he?  No.  Hypocrite.
  6. Angela Kamerer-White - dedicated her status to me and Shakespeare.  This inspired Ashleigh Smith, Kristen Stanley, and Cody Berry to remember my birthday.
  7. Tim Gooch - my oldest brother, whose birthday is on the 10th of April.  Several years ago, I started calling him on his birthday, and he returned the favor.  We don't get to talk all the time, but it's nice we get to talk twice in one month in April.
  8. Amanda Turner - she's been my friend since Freshman Orientation at LSU in 2001, and she was born two days after me.  She's the one who bought me a College of Business shirt the year I changed my major to Education, but she called me and has continued being a great friend.  I was even able to accidentally take her on a date to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and walk away laughing at the awkward situation instead of being awkwarded by the situation.
  9. Aunt Cecile and Brenna Kate Simonds - both sent me birthday cards.  Aunt Cecile always sends me a card and money at Christmas and birthday time.  I dedicated my thesis to her because she typed up Papa's journal, which was my primary source.  BK's card specifically says, "I remembered that it was your birthday, then saw you weren't on FaceBook, so i decided to do things the old-fashioned way!" 
  10. Laura Smith, Jeff Weltman, Chris Schneider, Candice Peterson - all remembered in one form or another and texted me as a result.
Thanks, guys.  It really means a lot.

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  1. Very interesting idea. I've pretty much stopped the birthday wishes on facebook unless I know the person well, since there's someone who has a birthday almost all the time...