Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pursuing my dream

So I got to pre-read Quitter by Jon Acuff so he could get some feedback.  It was a neat experience, and I'm honored to have been a part of it.  Also, he's sending all of us an autographed copy, so that's neat too.  Major lesson I took away from it: make time for your dreams.  Don't say you'll pursue them down the line, set aside time right now.  Got it.

Monday, I took comps (and live blogged about the experience), which was the last thing I had to do for my Master's.  Once I get the email saying I've passed, I'm clear to walk up on stage at graduation in two weeks.  Yaaaaay!  Last Thursday, I turned in the printed copies of my thesis to be bound by the Graduate School.  If you'd like to read it (they're short stories), attach your email address in the comments and I'll forward it to you.  I'm also waiting on word for where I'll be student teaching in the Fall, which I'll receive in my PO Box at some point.  So it's just a waiting game.

The problem is, I've had a lot on my plate for the past semester, even though I haven't had any real classes, only thesis hours.  I've juggled my responsibilities with thesis, comps, and Praxis PLT in addition to working at Domino's for 40 or more hours a week.  This summer will be my first without a summer class since 2008, and it's very tempting just to relax and do nothing.  Go to work, walk the dog, read blogs, etc.  The easy stuff.

But I want to be a published writer.  If I'm not published by age 30 (two years), I at least want to say I tried and got rejected.  I've been writing poems, songs, short stories, and nonfiction pieces for about ten years now, and, in addition to a couple of papers and stories being accepted to conference, I've gotten one poem into The Gambit, which is SLU's literary journal.  That'll come out this Fall.  That's it, and that was easy.

Like I said, if there's anything that Quitter taught me, it's that I need to set aside time to pursue my dream.  All this free time means I should have no excuse.  I have the opportunity to write the book on leadership I've always wanted, and I'm going after that by teaching a one-on-one course on leadership to a guy who used to work with me.  So that's one goal.  I also need to figure out what to do with my short stories that I've written, how I could use them to get somewhere.  I have plenty of songs (although not as many as David Loti), and I'd like to record them and/or make videos of me performing them so I can put them online.  I'm not so worried about being a touring recording artist, more like I want other people to sing the songs I wrote, if they're up to it. 

So those are my goals.  You who are out there reading, please do me a favor and keep me accountable! 


  1. Whoa, you got to read Jon Acuff's book already? That's pretty neat! I can completely relate to what you're talking about here - when you're in school it feels like you have hardly any time to pursue your dreams. And now it's summer I've been struggling to focus on churning out a novel that could maybe someday be publishable...
    I've never been quite sure what to do with short stories either, since not too many places publish them anymore.
    Yay for having goals though!

  2. yeah a few of us got to pre-read it. I feel special :)