Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mullets et al: A Chronicle of Bad Hair and Other Awesomeness

This was originally a photo album on my old FaceBook account, so I felt the need to upload them to this site.

You can thank EduClaytion for the fact that I even thought of posting it, although Ironic Mom and Badly Drawn Bible both mentioned it.

1. The Mullet

First things, first, 5th grade, I wanted long hair.  Unfortunately, my hair curls up when it gets long, so long hair all around didn't work.  I ended up with a mullet long before i knew what that was. 


Daddy used to say he could tell which one was me out of everyone on my little league team because I had hair sticking out from underneath my helmet.

In my defense, the coach had a mullet, too...

2. The Mohawk, summer after 7th grade

I went to Boy Scout camp that summer and decided I needed a mohawk. The lady who cut my hair refused to go down to the skin, so she just set her clippers as low as they would go. Years before that, however, I had a faux-hawk before faux-hawks were emo....

3. Baldy

I'm pretty sure that every kid in a hoodie with shaved hair and a high forehead looks like a convict.  It's true for me and my nephew. 

4.  Bowlin', up to age 5

 This was one of those instances I was given an Easter suit to wear.  Obviously, I was sick of wearing it by then.  I also used to have blond hair.  Also notice how Daddy's hair looks like he slept on the corner of a pool table.  Why should we bring the bowl cut back?  Because Chris Tomlin said so.


Why just have bad hair when you can have MULTICOLORED hair?  Bigger chance of my mom allowing this kind of hair.

What about you?  what awesome pictures do you have to share?


  1. That is one class journey through the throes of hair identity! Glad that School Photo Day inspired you to bust this out, Z.

  2. Wow! Zachariah B:

    I knowingly married a dude with a mullet. He was the lead guitarist in a band. So dreamy! And I landed him. And then we cut off that little tail. I tell you, 18 years later, I have it all.

    I love you for playing along. And I really like your blog. I'll be watching you. ;-)

  3. That mullet is glorious. There's just something about mullets, nay curly mullets, that get me in the heart everytime.

    Glad I finally clicked over here.

  4. Ahh the mullet. My first boyfriend had one, as did most of my male friends in high school at one point.

    And now? My 20 month old has one, because of how baby hair grows, and she's a girl dammit. I shouldn't have to cut her baby hair.

    My husband went from long hair to shaved head, as the hairline had other ideas....

    I love the progression through hair. Great post!

  5. Ode to mullets: business in the front, party in the back.

    Is there more to life?

    You've done it all...

  6. Brilliant post Zeke.

    Here are some to share:

    Good times.


  7. Thanks for stopping by, everybody! Dave, I'm proud to say how many of those I remember. Especially your redux of "Any Way You Want It"

    If you got a mullet
    Then you got to grow it
    If you got a mullet
    Then you got to show it

  8. That's great! I haven't been able to see these epic pics until now but you have a journey of hair that makes me proud.

  9. Oh, fun! It's neat to look back. My history of hairstyles wouldn't be very interesting though
    (my sister's, on the other hand...)