Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dual-wielding in the blogosphere

Starting a second blog is an interesting experience.  In the past, the only reason I'd have a second blog would be because I'm transitioning away from that and cross-posting until the transition was complete.  I did this when I moved from LiveJournal to Xanga and from Xanga to FaceBook Notes.

Before Love Thy Roommate, I never needed a second blog.  Having one spot to get the Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey out of my head was sufficient.  Now, I'm blogging with purpose over there.

Heck yes, I blog!
As a result, I've come up with 15 posts as of today for Love Thy Roommate, of which only four have gone up so far.  That's cool, it means I've got some leeway on posting over there.  At a rate of three per week after August 1st, I've actually come up with stuff that won't show up for the world to see for another month.  That's right, I'm that far ahead.  I've been doing that here, too, on suggestion from Jon Acuff, but also because it allows me to edit once I've removed myself from the initial writing process.

So, when i clicked this blog Monday to see what was going live, I found.........nothing.  I focused so much on LTR that I didn't have any material for LAFB.  I spent Sunday night recording videos for YouTube, so that's why I posted some of those, but my apologies for not bringing up any actual content until today. 

One thing I'm planning out for the future: August 1st is going to be Roommate Shoutout Day.  If you wanna join me in helping launch Love Thy Roommate, give a shoutout to your favorite roommate on your own blog.  Tyler Tarver is already on board.  Will you join me?  For the married folk, you're welcome to acknowledge anyone you've ever lived with, but keep in mind your "permanent roommate" might want a nod in there some place.

Also, Tarver's due a guest post here on his virtual book tour.  Did i mention he wrote a book?  I gotta get on that.  If you haven't yet, go buy his book, and while you're at it, buy another copy but don't tell him so I can claim that I bought that one.  Mmk?  Mmk.

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