Monday, July 11, 2011

New song: Lift Up

As I mentioned the other day, i finally went out and bought a webcam so I could start recording some of my songs.  I have been hesitant for a number of reasons, mainly self-consciousness.  I watch myself on video and I feel like I can pick out where I mess up or do goofy things.  I know where I dropped the pick.  I know where I flubbed the lyrics.  I know where I sang off key or did other little goofy things like head bobs.  And, I'm afraid everyone else can see them, too. That's why I just have to stop watching and let them fly.  I'm fine with a blog post because I can always go back and edit that; a video, not so much, and if I mess up too bad during a take (did that a LOT last night), I have to start all over again.

So I recorded several videos last night, this is just the first of them.  Hope this song blesses you, it's called "Lift Up" and I wrote it after listening to Misty Edwards' "Lovesick."

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